Steve Surber aka Steven James (guitar & vocals) has been playing the guitar and singing his whole life. Steve is known for his phat guitar tones, powerful vocal abilities and easy going disposition.

Sol Morgan (bass & vocals) is the newest dog in the lineup. He has been a professional musician his entire adult life. Sol brings a distinctive snap & melodic bottom as well as strong vocal abilities to the group.

Steve Ferry (drums & percussion) adds his special rhythmic spice to the mix. Formerly with the Jim White Band, Steve has wowed audiences around the world with his always in the pocket, unique musical approach to playing drums.

JAB Wilson (harmonica & vocals) gentleman harmonica player and founding member of the underdogs, has been touring and recording since the late 60’s. He's worked with The Magic Duck Band, the Kate Taylor Band (James’ sister), Tim Buckley, J.D. Souther, Kathy Dalton & Rocket 88, Chuck Watkins & the Midwest Playboys and for the last 20 plus years with international bluesicologist and story-teller, Spencer Bohren.

JAB's Discography

2003    One For the Road    Little Stevie James
2002    Live From the Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival/ Official Bootleg    the underdogs
2002    Rush In    Reed Waddle    Just Us Records
2002    From the Barroom To the Cross   D. Royce Baird    B-3 Music Group
2001    Dog Tales    the underdogs     Howlin' Muse Records
2000    Carry the Word    Spencer Bohren    Zephyr Records
1999    Unleashed    the underdogs    Howlin'Muse Records
1999    Taking A Break    D. Royce Baird    Ranger Progressive
1996     Dirt Roads    Spencer Bohren    Zephyr Records
1996    Shooting From the Lip    Jim Cooper    Rawbone Records
1991    Full Moon    Spencer Bohren    Loft / Virgin
1989    Live in New Orleans    Spencer Bohren    Great Southern Records
1975    Spirit of the Times    Kathy Dalton & Rocket 88    Island Records




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